My dog makes me laugh almost daily. My cats live outside and won't let me catch them but they still are considered my pets. Every once in awhile, if I move really really slow, they will let me pet them. Experts say that owning a pet is good for your health and here are the three reasons why:

1. Pet owners are less likely to feel lonely. Which you probably figured, but researchers at Idaho State University actually tested it. They asked people to rate how lonely they felt, then had them play with dogs. When they asked them again, they were 60% less likely to say they felt lonely.

2. Kids who grow up with pets don't have as many allergies. A study at the University of Wisconsin found kids are 17% less likely to suffer from wheezing if there's a dog in the house, and 15% less likely to develop eczema.

3. They're good for your heart...and not just because you get more exercise if you own a dog. A study in 2008 found that people who had never owned a cat were 40% more like to die of a heart attack.

Do you have a pet or two?