My partner, Jeri Anderson stated that Throwback Thursday is defined by Urban Dictionary as:

When you put a picture from a “while” ago on your social media sites.

For me it is a day to remember a guy I forgot a long time ago. He was a guy who's biggest concerns were "who's pitching today" and "are you gonna take one more step on that lead?" A guy that was sure he was going to be the next Johnny Bench, the next Thurman Munson or the next Carlton Fisk.

From the moment I first stepped on a baseball field, I wore the "tools of ignorance." My heroes were guys with bad knees, bad hamstrings and pretty bad outlooks on guys trying to steal second base. A no power, slap hitting, switch hitter, I took pride in most seasons stealing more bases than I allowed. My game was intimidating the batter when he came to the plate and controlling that runner once he got to first base.

As I grew older, my attitude and my abilities made it apparent that my future lay elsewhere. And while I did end up in a sports field, what I wouldn't give to again have the concerns of that thirteen year old up top. What I wouldn't give for just one more base runner to test me one more time.

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