It's not a document you examine often.  But, if you've taken out your birth certificate lately, you might find some surprising details.

I dug mine out to renew my driver's license.  Before you tell me I don't need it -- I'll let you know it might have possibly expired almost a year ago and now I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to prove my very existence on this planet for them to give me a new one.

While I gathered together my documents of life, here are some interesting things that were recorded in 1976 in Haskell, TX (where I was born).

  1. Am I a single, twin or triplet?  That is the first strange piece of the form.  I'm a single. . . but in this day and age . . .we can go way beyond triplet.
  2. What dad does.  Who cares about mom.  Even in progressive 1976, there is space on the form to list my father's occupation, but apparently they didn't find my mother's occupation interesting or valuable.
  3. Am I legitimate?  According to my birth certificate:  yes.  The assumption is this is asking if my parents were married.  Yup, they were.s
  4. Did I live on a farm?  The answer is no, but I wonder why it's something they need to know on my BIRTH record.  I would understand if they used that info to admit my mom, but does it make a difference if I live on a farm or do not at the time of my birth?

When was the last time you looked at the official record of your birth?  Anything there interesting?