There is no excuse in our area for drinking and driving.  AAA is once again offering "Tipsy Tow" starting Wednesday and continuing through the weekend.  It's so simple:

  1. You drink
  2. You don't need to drive
  3. You call Tipsy Tow
  4. They will pick you and a friend up
  5. They will take you and your car back home . . . safe and sound!

AAA says that up to 40% of crashes in Oklahoma involve drunk drivers.  It doesn't have to happen -- and certainly doesn't have to happen to you.

Program this number into your phone so you don't have to remember it when you are less-than sober:  1-800-222-4357 (AAA-HELP).  When you call, just tell the operator you need a Tipsy Tow.  AAA will do the rest and we will all be a little safer.

Finally -- forward this to everyone you know to make sure you ALL have a safe trip home.