That kid in the' Incredibles' movie said it best:  When everyone is Super . . . no one is.  That is how I feel right now.  Just looking at OUR website, it's full of Super Geek love.  Talks about the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, the new Antman movie that will push out Batman vs. Superman, the X-Men movie, the Fantastic Four.  All of it is getting to be a little too much.

But, how did it all go so wonky?  Well, I think it started with Spiderman.  The Spiderman reboot ala Tobey Maguire was huge.  And then Hollywood decided it could do more. . . MUCH More.

Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE Iron Man -- but after number 2 -- I got a little bored.  I LOVE The Avengers -- but if they do it again, they might mess it up.  I LOVE Thor -- um. . .he's hot.  I love Batman -- except I want Christian Bale to spit that loogie out and talk with a normal voice.

Remember 15 years ago when there were 20 movies about the end of the world?  Either it was going to be flooded or it was going to be hit by a meteor or it needed to be cooled down or it was going to freeze.  Oh, I forgot the volcanoes.   How can we convince Hollywood that we love variety -- and if you gave us one great super hero movie, one great movie about a mega volcano erupting in Yosemite and possibly one franchise follow-up like The Hobbit -- we'd be pretty happy.  Fill that in with one big movie about some war that we don't remember, a movie about someone who dies at the end but causes someone to fall in love, a couple of animated flicks to teach our kids some lessons and one wacky 'buddy' movie -- I think we'd be good.

I love superhero movies.  But Hollywood better slow down or they will become the 'same old thing.'