Is he always late and has an unpredictable attitude? Or maybe he’s perfect and tells you he loves you on date two. How can you tell if he’s 'Mr. Right' or one step away from loserville? Here are our top 10 signs you’re dating a loser. Check them out!

1. 'His attitude changes faster than you change hairstyles.'

If one minute he’s calm, and punches the wall the next followed by a series of apologies – it’s obvious he can’t keep his temper in check. Don’t allow yourself to be his next punching bag, kick the loser to the curb ASAP.

2. 'He gets attached…on the first date.'

Maybe he believes in love at first sight, but chances are he is just as shallow as a kiddie pool. Most losers tend to move quickly and distract you with a whirlwind courtship that is seemingly perfect. Women will fall for this connection due to our emotional need to feel accepted and get that commitment. Once the whirlwind ends, chances are the loser has ended his commitment as well.

3. 'He’s a confidence crusher.'

A good man won’t beat you down, but an insecure loser will. He will question your weight, ask what you’re wearing, and make you feel ugly, stupid, and worthless – to the point that he will tell you no one else will want you. But guess what? Someone else does want you; it’s the loser that no one wants!

4. 'The smooth talker.'

If he has an answer for everything and makes you feel like you’re the paranoid one, chances are he’s pulling a fast one over you. If he comes in late with whiskey on his breathe, it could be a guy’s night out – or a secret rendezvous. Mr. Right won’t want to spend all that time away from you; he will make an effort to keep in contact with you so that you feel comfortable with his plans. If he comes up with excuses a little too quickly, remember that butter is the only thing that smooth.

5. 'He cuts out your social network.'

The Loser will aim to cut all contact with your support network, and have you all to himself. He might tell you that they take advantage, or that they don’t understand your love. If he can’t stop you talking to them, he’ll question you after each call until you just give up talking to anyone but him. He’s the one who needs to be cut off immediately!

6. 'Everything becomes your fault.'

You made him angry, you made him sad, you embarrassed him – it’s always your fault. He will make you always feel in the wrong, while he’s the saint of the relationship. Don’t take his blame, take the keys and get out!

7. 'He freaks out when you suggest breaking up.'

The Loser wants everything done on his time schedule, and they can’t bear to be alone until it’s their choice. He will beg you to stay, tell you he will change, or even threaten suicide. But don’t be quick to believe him; it’s all in his crazy plan. Make your decision to break things off and stick to it. He will find his next victim soon enough.

8. 'He won’t compromise.'

Maybe you like reading, or running -- whatever your hobby is the Loser will stop you from being interested in anything that isn’t his idea. He will gripe and complain until doing your own thing becomes too much trouble and you only want to do what he wants. Great relationships are give and take, take the Loser to the door and say goodbye.

9. 'Paranoia sets in.'

If he’s always asking who you’re texting, talking to, Facebooking, or emailing – paranoia has set in. He will question where you’ve been or where you’re going to the point that all your control is gone. He, on the other hand, will hide his phone from you, lie about where he’s been, and not call when he says he will. The power is off balance in this relationship; get it back by giving him up!

10. 'Jealousy is his middle name.'

When you’re out for a night on the town and he questions every single person’s motive towards you. The bartender or waiter soon becomes the enemy and he asks why you flirted back? A guy should be proud to show off his gal, and trust that she only has eyes for him. If he can’t get it through his loser skull, you don’t need a green eyed monster in your life.

Any of these signs sound familiar? Guess what, you’re dating a LOSER! Get out as fast as you can, and cut him off for good. Mr. Right is just around the corner and as soon as you’ve dumped the Loser, he will appear.

Have you ever dated one of these Losers? Do tell…