The Writers Guild of America has done some not-so-scientific thinking about the best-written TV shows ever.  Before we even start with the list -- let's make sure we understand:  not acting, not promotion, not star power -- but writing (which is where all TV shows start).

The total list is 101 TV shows long -- but it gets crazy after about the first 20.  So, we are sticking with the top 10.  Which do you disagree with?  Which should be on this list but aren't?

  1. "The Sopranos"
  2. "Seinfeld"
  3. "The Twilight Zone"
  4. "All in the Family"
  5. "M*A*S*H"
  6. "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
  7. "Mad Men"
  8. "Cheers"
  9. "The Wire"
  10. "The West Wing"