I'm particularly excited this month about our TownSquare Cares initiative.  It's more than just a contest, more than just a donation, it is a personal touch to a family that is sacrificing for the good of us all.

I don't just say this out of appreciation, I say it because I lived it (as have so many others in this building, town, state and nation).

In 2007, I got married to an amazing man and father.  He was a Tech Sargent in the USAF and so handsome when he wore his blues on Fridays.  Three weeks before we got married, he made Master -- and a few days after that, got his orders.  He would be in South Korea on an unaccompanied assignment for one year.  We got married in July and in February, he was on a plane to the other side of the world.

He missed our first anniversary

He missed my hospitalization for menengitis

He missed Christmas / Thanksgiving and everything else

He missed his son.  He missed me.  He missed a lot.

But he never, ever, ever complained about the service.  He complained about the heat, the humidity, the 4 flights of stairs he walked every day to get to his dorm . . .but never complained about his service.

There are thousands like him, deployed to places much worse than South Korea, who have families that struggle and worry every day they are not safely at home.  That is why TownSquare Cares has made me so proud to work here.  Read about it.  Make a donation if you can.  Spread the word.