When I was a little girl, we just to run down to the end of the front walkway and look up at the stars, past the big fruitless mulberries, and try to get a glimpse of Santa.

This was the last thing we did before we went to bed for the night before Christmas.

Most years, we found him.  It wasn't easy, as you had to know what you were looking for . . . the nose of Rudolph.  Eventually, though, we would see his brightly-lit nose going from one place to the other across the horizon of West Texas.

This year, parent's don't have to worry about kids getting a chill, there's an app for that.

Yes, Norad has tracked Santa for years and we've heard updates on the nightly news broadcasts about where he was and which direction he was heading.  Now, all you need is a smart phone.

Download the official Norad tracking app.  visit www.noradsanta.org/en to follow Santa and make sure you are in bed on time before he passes you by!