On Saturday, April 30th, the City of Lawton will be holding its annual citywide clean-up campaign, and officials are looking for a few good men --- and women, to help out with the clean-up. And while the pay isn't great, the pay-off is priceless!

The Lawton Enhancement Trust Authority's Trash Off 2016 will run from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 30. The annual city-wide event is designed to clean up high-profile sites around the city. using coordinated volunteers from all corners of the community. And while there have been a few small changes in this year's clean-up, the process stays pretty much the same: residents volunteer their time by first picking up trash bags and then heading out to their assigned location to clean up trash.

And the pay, while not glamorous is definitely satisfying; you will receive free lunch and drinks. But more importantly, you'll receive a well-earned feeling of contribution and satisfaction, knowing that you've done your part to make Lawton a better place.

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The Trash Off will be based in the parking lot of McMahon Auditorium, located just west of Elmer Thomas Park at 801 NW Ferris. As soon as you receive your supplies (and free t-shirts), you'll be heading off to your assigned location to begin your assignment.

According to Josh Leach, the program's new neighborhood services supervisor, 150 volunteers are already signed up, and he is expecting a lot of walk-up volunteers on the day of the event. And while residents are welcomed to volunteer on the day of the event, Leach would rather volunteers register in advance, so a more accurate count of volunteers can be made, and so that volunteers can be assigned specific sites ahead of time.

High profile sites that benefit from the clean-up typically include parks, street medians and easements, as well as other well seen sites. The event generally draws volunteers from all parts of the community, including community leaders, soldiers stationed at Fort Sill and youth groups.

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story source: the Lawton Constitution