The City of Lawton has set the hours of 6-8pm as the official 'Trick or Treating' time frame. Now that we know when, let's think about how we can keep our family safe on this 'All Hallows Eve'.

  • 1

    Always Trick or Treat with an Adult or in a Group

    Never let your child trick or treat alone.  It's best if an adult or parent is available to go on this super fun night for kids, but if no adult is available, there is safety in numbers.

  • 2

    Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

    Don't leave your Trick or Treating to chance!  Make a route that everyone in the group knows ahead of time.  That way you won't get lost and you will feel comfortable in your surroundings because you travel that path often.

  • 3

    Make Yourself Visible

    Yes, I know that those dark, scary costumes are so much fun, but we want motorists and other ghosts and goblins to be able to see you coming.  Don't take any chances with your safety!  Always carry a flashlight or glow stick, and use reflective tape on costumes if possible.

  • 4

    NEVER, Never go into a Strangers Home or Car

    I know that that sounds like a no brainer, but look, we're talking about kids and candy.  It would seem natural for someone to invite you in while they get their candy bowl.  This is NOT to be allowed.  Not on my Momma watch!

  • 5

    No Eating Candy Before You Get Home!

    No matter how tempting it may be, wait for an adult to check your candy.  Make sure there are no open wrappers, if there are, throw them away!  Make sure candy is in original wrappers.  Just be careful, there are those crazies out there that think it's fun to make people sick.