One of my favorite websites of all time is  It's a website that is totally dedicated to making sure you aren't stupid and gullible to the point of being embarassed.  They have saved me more than once when I saw something so spectacular on Facebook and, before I sent it to my hordes of friends, checked the website for veracity.

I hate to say it, but my mom is a frequent flier in the gullible department.  She still holds to the idea that if it is printed (even online) that it must be true.  She doesn't give the Nigerian prince or widow any money. . . . but she does feel sorry for them. . . . regularly compiles lists of popular urban legends.  The list does have some science (they take things like browser searches and media coverage to determine what needs to be on the list and what doesn't).

Here are the top five Urban Ledgends from this week:

5.  Crimes in the NFL, NBA and Congress.

Have our nation's elected really been that bad?  Have 29 of them been arrested for spousal abuse?  Were 84 of them stopped for drunk driving in 1998?  Is this one true or false?  Find out here

4.  Are you going to need to pay for Facebook soon?

This is number four on's list.  There have been emails going around (and posts on Facebook) about the price of membership and when it will be instituted.  Is this one true or false?  Find out here

3. P. Diddy Involved in Tupac Murder?

I found this one this week and was SHOCKED! It appears that police have finally gotten enough evidence to bring P. Diddy (Sean Combs) in for questioning in the murder of Tupac Shakur.  I even saw where he either was or might be arrested soon. The Tupac murder and theories have been circulating for years and it seems people are just as interested as ever.  Is this one true or false?  Find out here

2.  The Lady with Three Boobies.

This one I've seen everywhere -- even LEGITIMATE news organizations have run stories about the woman who allegedly got a third breast (implanted between the first two).  She says she did it to make men stop thinking of her as a pretty woman (or something like that).  When this one broke about a month ago, I saw it on at least two major news organizations and it exploded on Facebook.  Is this one true or false?  Find out here

1. Beheading in Moore, Oklahoma

Finally, the saddest story has made the biggest impact. People were horrified and couldn't believe that an Oklahoma woman was beheaded at her workplace.  We saw the story from it's beginning and have also been dumbstruck by how something like this could happen. This has made the list at as the NUMBER ONE Urban Legend in America. You probably have already guessed about the veracity of the claim. It's so bizarre it was bound to be picked up by those who are fascinated by the unusual.  Is this one true or false?  Find out here

With most urban legends, there is some fact that starts the story. In ten years, I wonder what people will remember and what will be more Legend than Story?

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