A Navy Helicopter with five crew members went down 20 miles of the coast of Virginia yesterday during a routine training mission. According to the Navy, out of the four people rescued, two have died with the remaining two in recovery. One is in serious condition and the other is in fair.

The reason the helicopter went down is unknown at this time and the Navy is currently conducting an investigation on the crash.

The helicopter has been identified as a MH-53E Sea Dragon. The purpose of this aircraft is to search for sea mines and onboard delivery missions.

The water temperature of the Atlantic Ocean was recorded at 42 degrees Fahrenheit at the time of the crash. According the the Scientific American website A person can survive up to 20 minutes in frigid water before losing strength and coordination. However, a person that has more body fat can survive longer in cold water due having more tissue to keep their bodies insulated.

The Navy has also issued a statement that they will release the names of the dead crewman 24 hours after their families have been notified.

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