If you have a sibling then you know how much they could get on your nerves as a kid but, what if you were conjoined twins? Abigail and Brittany are in that very boat and about to get a reality show on TLC. Watch their amazing story!The twins are uniquely joined in that they share legs and arms. Abigail and Brittany are two different people until about mid thorax. They have two hearts and two lungs but only only one stomach, liver, and one set of intestines. The twins work in unison as one person when walking and other tasks such as driving.

The doctors never expected the girls to survive more than just a few years but recently the pair just graduated from Bethel University. In their early years, their mother was approached by countless talk shows and reality TV producers and had large amounts of money thrown at them to come on their shows. The mom and their girls turned them all down.

I watched the short preview from their upcoming TLC program and was delighted at the positive outlook and the stark sense of realism these girls had at such a young age. Sadly, they girls admitted that they requests to stop and take photographs with passers by as some like some sort of attraction and this was prior going on any reality show. I think these two have an amazing spirit and drive to overcome the hurdles at such a young age. Although, their English teacher posed some interesting questions regarding future employment. Will these two girls be paid as one person or two? I guess that might depend on if they have separate social security numbers. If so, what a great way to land a good paying job right off the bat!