Two Tulsa police officers, Shannon Kepler and Gina Kepler, who both have served 24 years on the force were arrested on the night of Aug. 5 for the murder of Jeremy Lake, a 19-year-old who was dating their daughter, Lisa Kepler.

Jeremy was walking down a neighborhood with Lisa when Shannon was seen driving in a 2007 Black Suburban which Lisa instantly recognized.

Lisa approached the vehicle and according to the police report an argument broke out which lead to the shooting. Jeremy was shot and died from his injuries, Lisa was shot at and was not hit. According to Lisa, no argument took place, Jeremy simply introduced himself to her father and he began shooting.

After the shooting, Shannon fled the scene in his vehicle. He later turned himself in and was arrested for first degree murder and shooting with intent to kill.

Shannon's wife, Gina was arrested for accessory of murder after the fact when she told Tulsa police that she was with her husband after the shooting and knew of the act.

Although the two have been arrested and detained, police are still searching for the 2007 Suburban that Shannon drove and the weapon which he used.

Both of them are at this time being placed under paid administrative leave until charges are formally filed.