From the Fort Sill Office of Public Affaris:

Attention: There is an unknown male who is impersonating Army officers and warrant officers both on and off of Fort Sill.

The unknown male asks for rides to various locations to include Bldg 4700, the municipal court building, and city hall. The unknown male uses a story about trying to get his car out of impound and has the willing persons take him to ATMs around Lawton but does not get money.

The unknown male then has unsuspecting persons give him money with the premise to repay the debt. The unknown male has been given rides to Checker Wrecker and ultimately is dropped off at the Budget Inn without ever getting his car. The unknown male provides a cell phone number so he can call you to repay the debt.

If you have any information about this persons or anything related to this case, please call the Fort Sill Police Investigations at (580) 583-2034