Last week, everyone on the web was introduced to little Danny Nickerson, and his dying wish for birthday cards. Well, it seems the world responded and made it happen big time!

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As you'll see, this heartfelt story had an impact on a ton of people, and rightfully so. Danny has received 100,000 cards and 7,000 packages for his sixth birthday from all over the world.

Watch the videos below to see the truckloads of mail and packages Danny has been getting daily since we shared his story with you.

Even the toughest people out there were touched by such a simple wish of a kid.

The mail didn't end with cards either, loads of people sent presents too. It really goes to show how a common cause can bring humanity together worldwide.

If you'd like to keep this going and mail a card, here's Danny's address:

Danny Nickerson
P.O. Box 212
Foxboro, MA, 02035