Last week I shared a story with you about a little shih tzu that was hit by a car on Rogers Lane while chasing cars. Lucky for this little guy a soldier by the name of Zac Roberts happened to be on that same highway when this little pup was hit. He was able to get the dog to the Lawton Animal Shelter and they were able to help get him to a vet. You can read the beginning of the story HERE.

I have been keeping updated on this little guy that has been named "Lawton-Lucky" and here is what I have learned.


Because of a caring soul named Sharleen Gehers , Lawton-Lucky (Lucky) was transported to The Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhaso Apso Rescue in Houston. Teresa Osborn, Executive Director of the LSSTLAR, has been keeping me updated through emails and Facebook. The cost for his care was skyrocketing and a plea went out on to help raise the funds to get him the medical care he needed. The power of social media continues to amaze me, within a few short days over $8,700 was raised to help Lucky out.  According to Teresa, all those funds were going to be needed. If there was any money left the money would be distributed to other dogs they are currently caring for at the shelter.

On January 13th, Teresa informed us that little Lawton-Lucky had been described by GCVS as a “very involved case…one of the worst hit by car’s I’ve seen in years, poor guy!”

Dr. Brian Beale, a leading orthopedic surgeon in Texas, evaluated Lucky as soon as he arrived in the office on Monday.  Not only did Lucky have a femur that was snapped in two but he had two sacroiliac subluxations, a broken fibula and a prepubic tendon rupture, which is the tendon that makes up the wall of the stomach area.

On January 15th, per Teresa, Lucky had all of his necessary surgeries. One femur fracture, two sacroiliac pelvic fractures and a ruptured prepubic tendon. The orthopedic surgeries were all done in a marathon session.  The ruptured prepubic tendon was repaired this morning.

As of just a few hours ago, I was informed that everything is looking good. They ask that you keep those prayers and good thoughts coming his way. The staff at GCVS continue to say this is one of the worst HBC (hit by car) they have seen in a long time.  Teresa wrote “This is one little guy that definitely will have trouble getting through airport security.


I am humbled and amazed by the outpouring of support and well wishes that came from all over the country. You can find out more about the free fundraising website by visiting their website.  It is perfect for anyone looking to raise funds for animals including; humane societies, animal rescue, non-profits, service animals, pet owners and more. There is no fee for starting a fundraising effort. It was created for individuals and groups wanting to raise funds for our furry friends in need. I wish I would have known about this service when I was caring for my horse Nicki!

For more information about Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhaso Apso Rescue you can visit their Facebook page. I will continue to update you on Lucky’s progress. I look forward to seeing him back in Lawton sometime soon!