Public Restrooms are basically a cesspool of germs, for guys it's not problem because of the option to go about our business standing up. For women on the other hand they have an issue, as the only other option available is to hover over the toilet.

Now there is a device that helps women by allowing themselves to go but at the same time not having their bodies anywhere near the toilet.


This device is known as a Shewee which was invented in 1999 by Samantha Fountain to make women's trips to public restrooms easier. What it does is allow women to urinate standing up, that way they don't have to touch a public toilet or awkwardly hover above the toilet possibly touching it.

Shewees were also made in mind for women that enjoy the outdoors where bathrooms are far and few between.

Also, this nifty device is also fairly cheap as it only costs $12 plus shipping which is only about $2 for just the Shewee by itself. If you wish to purchase more accessories such as a longer tube and case then having all of that will run you about $22 plus shipping and handling.