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Rain, shine, sleet or snow. The U.S. Postal service will deliver through all of these and more. Or will they?

On this the anniversary of Ben Franklin becoming the first Postmaster General, our government is taking steps (maybe long overdue) to close down and merge postal operations in over 3600 towns across America. Most of the closures will be in rural areas.

There is much debate especially in small towns where the cries of "what will we do for service?' What the postal service is striving to do in these situation is reaching out to other entities such as grocery stores or well established convenience stores or gas stations that can (if they want ) to sell postage stamps.

At a minimum that will be one issue that will be fixed. The postal service indicated that $8 Billion dollars will be lost this year from lost revenue from 1st class mail. Majority of people use email now. And packages are being shipped through other sources.

The list which is expected to be released (in full) later today includes 100 locations in Oklahoma with 8 of theses offices in our area. They will be merging these operations with other offices in the same geographical area. No time line is given for that though.

With in the next ten years, they will evaluate half of the remaining post offices (16,000) to see how well they are maintaining budget and to see if more downsizing is needed.

How often do you use the postal service and would it bother you if your branch was closed?

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