Let's admit it, Lawton's roads are pretty infamous. They bounce, crack, and slant. They're loud at times, and nearly impossible to see in the rain. But as it looks like the city is going to start improving some of these, let's go ahead and vote for which of these horrible roads need it the most!

Here is the list of contenders, in no particular order, for 'Lawton's Worst Road'


  • 1

    Fort Sill Boulevard

    Fort Sill Boulevard is first on this list, mainly because it's such a pain to drive. In particular, it's the half-mile stretch of FSBlvd between Gore and Ferris. The lanes are extremely narrow, and the traffic is always busy.

    Now, the city has already started a project on this stretch of road. Since they moved the light poles back by a few feet, we might be in for a wider drive.

  • 2

    Lee Boulevard

    Lee Boulevard could easily be the worst road on this list, but that's not for me to decide.

    I hate driving down this road, mostly because it's so uneven and bouncy... especially as you motor between 38th and 67th Street. It's enough to give some people motion sickness, and drive the rest of us crazy.

  • 3

    Gore Blvd at I-44

    If you've ever driven out to the East side, chances are you've sat for an eternity at the three traffic lights that make up I-44 and Gore.

    As you inch forward between these seemingly short lights, you almost want to honk at the driver not paying attention in front of you. It never fails, I'll miss the light because some good looking chick is trying to get that perfect 'driving selfie.'

  • 4

    SE 45th Street

    Diving deep into the East side of Lawton, 45th Street is the hybrid on this list.

    It has a mix of deep and numerous potholes, but also the dipping and bounciness of Lee Blvd, meshed with the narrow driving lanes of Fort Sill Blvd near Downtown.

    All the same, I don't have to drive it daily, so it's not that big of a deal to me. What say you?


  • 5

    2nd Street at Gore Blvd

    Now, before you hop off into argument-ville... Let me say this. The City of Lawton did a fantastic job designing, creating, and building this beautiful intersection in the heart of Downtown Lawton. The brick and asphalt work is second to none.

    That being said, it might be the worst flowing bottleneck of traffic in the whole city. Is it me, or do the lights not allow traffic to flow in any direction? It almost seems like the best option for this busy intersection may have been one of those fancy commie round-a-bouts.