Are you ready for more movie streaming?

WalMart is entering the world of streaming movies but can they compete with Netflix?  Probably not.  Here's why:

WalMart will be charging per streaming rental.  You can get a brand new release usually for around $6.  Some movies are as inexpensive as $2.  The problem is: it will only take about two purchases before you've paid more than you would for a normal Netflix subscription.

Another glaring omission?  WalMart doesn't have any TV shows or free streaming.  Netflix obviously wins there with thousands of TV shows you can watch instantly or get a DVD for just the cost of your monthly subscription.

WalMart's one-upmanship may come in the ability to secure exclusivity rights to new releases.  Being such a power-player in the retail space gives them power to negotiate deals the rest of merchant America only dreams of.  So, what if WalMart has the exclusive on the new Harry Potter release?  Well, they win.