Want to keep that lawn in good order this fall or grill some dogs for the kids this weekend?  New restrictions might make you think twice.

First -- Comanche County is under a 30 day burn ban.  We've gotten less than nine inches of rain this year and just looking at a blade of grass might cause it to erupt in flames.  The County has issued the ban (effective 9/2) to give us a fighting chance at reducing the number of wild fires this fall.  Most of the burn ban guidelines are common sense:  don't set a fire or leave a fire unattended.  Some, though, will impact anyone who likes to throw some burgers on the grill.

During the ban, you cannot use your grill unless it is on a non-flammable surface and is five feet away from any vegetation.  The county isn't kidding.  You could be fined or sent to PRISON for up to a YEAR for neglecting your responsibility.

Next, let's talk water.  Lawton has entered Stage 3 water restrictions.  This is the first time we've EVER had to restrict this much and is due to the water levels in the lake being at less than 50%, we've got a serious problem.

During the water restriction period (which will last until the lake levels go back up), you can only water your lawn between midnight and 9am on Wednesday and Saturdays ONLY.  The city ain't kidding either.  They are issuing fines starting at $750.

So, put the dogs on the stove, get used to your lawns being brown and pray for rain.