Half way through the week. You have an inbox that is overflowing. Looking at the clock it cannot get to quitting time fast enough. You have a bad case of the Wednesday blah's. 

Well today is Chicken Dance Day.  Gather up your cubicle mates and let loose! You want to increase the happiness level in your office? Get up and get started!

Here are some Chicken Dance records.

Most People Doing "The Chicken Dance" At A Sporting Event

Attendees of a cricket match in Melbourne, Australia, January 14, 2011. 31,910 people performed the Chicken Dance, the most ever at a sporting event.


Most Grocery Store Locations Simultaneously Participating In A "Chicken Dance" Event

On March 23, 2013, staff and customers at 346 Whole Foods Market locations participated in a Chicken Dance event. At least one person was required to do the dance at each location.



Longest Chicken Dance

The Chicken Dance organized during the Mandan Independence Day Parade and Street Festival covered 24 city blocks in Mandan, North Dakota, and was 1.627 miles long.


So now that you have seen the pictures and watched hundreds of people doing the dance, what are you waiting for?  I dare you to start it in the office right now.  It is almost quitting time anyway.