What you are about to read is true, and truly amazing if you ask me.

It's my pleasure to introduce to you Wendy's nine-patty "T-Rex" burger. First introduced in an ad in Sports Illustrated as a joke, this gargantuan stack of beef is now on the menu at one Wendy's restaurant in Brandon, located in Canada's Monitoba province.

After the burger was featured in the magazine about nine years ago, customers actually started ordering it, so the Wendy's in Brandon decided to give their customers what they want. The "T-Rex" burger will set you back $21.99, or if nine juicy slabs of meat is just not enough for you, you can order the combo meal for $24.99. Hope that comes with a brontosaurus sized beverage to wash this monster down. But don't get too excited about clogging all your arteries in one sitting, this mammoth meat stack is only available at the Brandon location in Canada.

Now your mission, should you choose to accept it - and you should, is to start requesting this burger at EVERY Wendy's you visit from now on. Then they will have no choice but to put it on the menu worldwide!

Now that I think about it, calling it the "T-Rex" burger is kind of ironic. Just imagine a T-Rex trying to hold onto this thing with his tiny little hands and arms. Oh the injustice!