Last night I was stepping off an elevator and I felt something MOVE in my heel.  Yes, the feeling that you feel when you INSTANTLY know something is wrong.  I had to make a drive last night so for the next two hours, I drove with the wrong foot on the accelerator to help mitigate the crushing pain in my heel.

What the heck??  My 34th birthday was a month and days ago.  Is this just me getting older or is there really a problem?  I hesitate to go to the doctor because, well, I don't want to know if something is wrong, especially if they have to cut me at any point.

I have had major surgery in my life and it never bothered me. . .but something DOES bother me about having FOOT surgery.

When I was a child, I had severe ingrown toenails.  On 3 occasions, I had to go to the doc and have him remove parts of my toenails (gross stuff ahead. . .beware).  The most painful thing I have ever experienced was when the doc put the needle for anesthetic through the top of my infected toe.  That is the day I started cursing.  It was worth it.  Even after two major abdominal surgeries, I will still remember that as the worst pain I have ever felt!

So, home remedy specialists, medial specialists and good guessers:  What is wrong with me?  How can I fix it myself??