My husband David accuses me of being on my phone all the time. That has a totally different meaning today then it did, say 5 years ago! He thinks I'm addicted to Facebook.

So I started to wonder. What would happen if they decided to shut down Facebook? Just one morning you wake up and it's gone! What would the world be like? I have a lot of photos stored on my Facebook page; photos that I would hate to lose. I have connected with a lot of friends from my past through Facebook. I keep in touch with a lot of cousins that I wouldn't normally keep in touch with if there was no Facebook.

I think people would be roaming the streets like zombies, shoving photos in your face and yelling "DO YOU LIKE THIS?" Following people around telling them everything they have done that day.

Would there be riots and mayhem? Would people be storming Facebook headquarters with pitchforks and torches? Would there be an outcry? Who would you cry to? You can't call Facebook to complain! Even when Facebook is down for 15 minutes people panic! We were locked out of our Facebook pages for almost 5 days and you would have thought the world had come to an end.

Oh and you can create a backup of all the photos you have stored on Facebook. The instructions are here: Downloading Your Information on Facebook

If Facebook was shut down, would people actually remember how to have a face to face conversation?


So, I'm asking you - what would the world look like if they decided to shut down Facebook?