We're not sure how scientific this study is.It seems like it might just be totally random. So it's really more like a horoscope.  But instead of judging you on your birth date, we'll judge you on your Starbucks order. Yes as you are having your morning coffee, which for some is the only way to jump start their day, think about this.

A clinical psychologist studied 1,000 coffee drinkers and drew some connection between the coffee you drink and your personality. Here's what he found.

Black coffee drinkers are straightforward, quiet, and set in their ways. Are there really that many black coffee drinkers left?  Have you seen the coffee aisle at the store?  There are more things to add to coffee than coffee itself.

Latte drinkers are neurotic and eager to please. Yeah, but are you eager to pay the price for that small Latte?

Instant coffee drinkers are laid back and procrastinators. I do not know of any one in the last few years that has even bought instant coffee. That would be like trying to serve Southern Grits to someone in Chicago. Maybe that is what they are laid back.

Frozen and blended coffee drinkers are outgoing and can be childlike. I see many people during the frozen coffee in the afternoon. There is just something wrong with this.  Coffee was meant to be HOT, not frozen.

And cappuccino drinkers are controlling and detail oriented. But to get a full day out of them, they will have to drink several of the little cups.

So for my coffee drinking friends, where do you fall on this list?