Wheel of Fortune? More like Wheel of Misfortune.

This poor schmuck's inability to pronounce the word "curio" correctly cost him a million dollars on an episode of Wheel of Fortune.

On Tuesday night's (9/17) episode, Paul had a chance to win $1 million and all he had to do was solve the puzzle - with only one letter still hidden. It seems that he did, in fact, know the right answer, which was "Corner Curio Cabinet," but he pronounced "curio" as "KER-oh" (should be pronounced "cure-ee-oh), and his answer was counted as incorrect.

The producers decision to count his answer incorrect has many Wheel of Fortune fans outraged, and even Pat Sajak seemed surprised saying that they would take a look at it in the replay and make sure they didn't cheat him.

But they decided not to overturn their decision.

What do you think? Should Paul's answer been counted as correct even though he mispronounced the word?