This is Kramer.  He is a fantastic dog.  He doesn't jump on furniture, loves to walk on his leash, is never greedy, needy or annoying.  Kramer only barks at a stranger one time and then he only does it if the stranger comes into our yard.

Kramer is a mutt.

In the last 10 days, I've had at least four people chastise me for describing Kramer as a mutt.  When asked what kind of dog he is, it's the only appropriate way to describe him.  I guess we could say he is a 'mixed breed.'  The problem with that, I have no idea what breeds are all mixed in there.

When did the word 'mutt' to describe a dog become a bad thing?  I love that Kramer is a mutt.  I love that my family is more interested in having a great dog than a great breed of dog.

When I have been criticized, I usually let people know that Kramer doesn't mind if I call him a mutt.  In fact, he could care less (especially if I am giving him a doggie cookie).

So, if you are offended by my calling the dog we love a mutt -- let me know why.  Keep in mind, though, if you bring something up like, "it hurts the dogs feelings," we might have a problem.