As the days go by we get closer and closer to Christmas. Many kids have already made their list and checked them many times over before sending them off to the North Pole.That is where parents need to step in. Sure it is great for kids to ask for certain toys. We all had a favorite toy that we wanted and most of the time Santa delivered. Now in this day and age, the watch groups are constantly scrutinizing every toy that hits the shelf for any little thing that can harm a child.

This year is no exception. The consumer advocacy group  U.S. PRIG has come out with their 2013 list of toys broken down by age group that can be harmful for kids. It also means parents should use common sense when making a purchase. You would not but a toy that has hundreds of small parts for a child that is just learning hand to mouth coordination.

There are the toys that can be a choking hazard. I remember getting a Lite Brite for Molly when she was just 4 1/2 years old. She a had a creative side to her at a young age and it looked as if it would be perfect for her to channel some of that talent. Little parts, little hands present a problem though.

Kaleb for his second Christmas was walking and talking up a storm. He received a play cell phone.  We did not know that there was a DB rating on this toy. (Or maybe we just did not look.) Either way, that toy was loud. You could hear him in any room. Some toys can damage young ears especially if they are designed to be held close to the ear.

There are so many toys out there to be sought after and for the kids, hopefully under the tree this Christmas. But the report shows a small sampling of the choking hazards, toxins, chemicals, and lead content and then the hearing hazards of toys. Just be careful when making a toy selection this year. Make sure it is age appropriate and there are no recalls on the toys.