As the holidays pass, my spirit instantly turns to Christmas like clockwork. And I'm not the only one. I have a neighbor that managed to decorate his entire yard, hang lights, and sync up a music system before I was awake the day after Thanksgiving. I love that enthusiasm! It gets me pumped up and ready for another twenty-five days of Christmas.

This year, since I'll be hosting the family shindig, I decided to go all out on a real Christmas tree, but not being from around these parts, I didn't know where to start looking to buy a Christmas tree in Lawton. And I'm guessing I'm not the only one.

Now, while I might love me some Christmas, I've been known to tape a photo of a tree to the wall where the presents sit in the living room, but with the nephews coming down, I want them to share some of my early memories of a seemingly magical real tree. Details of childhood holidays are vague in most of us. I can't hardly think of all the presents I received as a child, let alone what mom decided to put on the tree any given year, but I will never forget the smell and warm feelings those real Christmas trees put off.

So as I looked around Lawton (and the surrounding areas of Texoma) I found several options to best serve our Christmas tree buying needs this season!

Naturally, the first thing I thought of was "Will the Wildlife Refuge notice if I drove out of the gates with a fresh cut tree tied to my truck?" And while it was a fun thought to entertain, the internet prevailed in that mental battle.

So I did some research about where to buy a Christmas Tree in Lawton and this is what I found:

D&L Christmas Tree and Wreaths

D&L Christmas Tree and Wreaths is in Fletcher, OK. Yes, it's a bit of a drive, but that's part of the fun! A little family time in the car, singing extremely out of tune Christmas songs, remembering most of the words and humming those you don't. Oh yeah, family road trip is a great time.  The more I dug into D&L Christmas Tree and Wreaths, the more options I found. Virginia Pine, Scotch Pine, and my favorite Leyland Cypress trees, all grown in the Oklahoma soil, ready for the chopping!

Hours: Sunday thru Friday 2-5:30pm, and Saturday 10-5:30pm.
Location: 16140 NE Watts Rd - Fletcher, OK

The Duncan Kiwanis Club Christmas Tree Lot

I mentioned my quest for the perfect tree to a coworker, and he actually filled me in on another Christmas tree lot in the area. The Duncan Kiwanis Club has opened their annual Christmas tree sale over in Duncan. Unknown to me, they have a new location this year, Kiddieland in Fuqua Park (at the corner of US-81 and Beech Street there in Duncan). The lot is open and selling trees through December 15th. They do seem to have trees in every price range, from $20 to $95, and everything you'll need is available on site, which would make it easy for me, having not had a real Christmas tree ever! In true charitable fashion, all of the proceeds will benefit the youth programs in Duncan, and will also provide scholarships to students that attend Duncan and Empire.

Hours: Open through Dec 15 - Monday-Friday 2-8pm, Saturday 1-7pm, and Sunday 1-5pm.
Location: Kiddieland in Fuqua Park (corner of US-81 and Beech Street there in Duncan)

Lawton Optimist Club Tree Lot

If you'd like to keep it local, save yourself the drive like I'm hoping to do, there are some options here in Lawton too! While I was driving to work one day, I couldn't help but notice a few Christmas tree lots scattered around Lawton. Most notably, the lots hosted by the Lawton Optimist Club. The lot I drive by each day is on Sheridan Road, just South of Rogers Lane. They have Noble firs, Frazier firs, grand firs and Nordman firs available. Again, it would be another great charitable gain as the Optimist Club does so much work with our youths in the area.

Hours: Open through Dec. 15 from 1-9 p.m. Sunday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturdays.
Location: Corner of Sheridan Road and Lincoln Avenue

Lowe's or Home Depot

Keeping on the conversation around the lunch table one day, I wasn't the only person that didn't know that some of the big-box stores also carry live Christmas trees. I had no idea I could walk into Lowe's or Home Depot and find what I was seeking there. Who knew? I was even more shocked to learn the various Country Marts around Lawton do the same.

As I kept digging around, I kept finding more places to make my real tree goal a reality this year. I guess all that's left is to spend some time looking around the lots for my ideal tree. Not too tall, not too big around, it can't be to scrawny, but I don't want something so full it makes it super heavy. I just want it to be perfect.

If you know of a Christmas tree lot around the area, feel free to speak up in the comment section below. We'll all appreciate a new place to seek Christmas perfection!