The secret is out and our kid now knows he is getting a basketball goal for Christmas.  He isn't SUPPOSED to know -- but that is the chance you take when you order something online and it is delivered between the time the kid gets home from school and you get home from work.

The secret is out on this one.  I haven't even moved it from the entryway because it is huge.  I'm usually much better at hiding presents so the boys don't find them.

The closet is never the best place.  Your kids figured that one out decades ago.  If you don't have a well-organized closet, you also might lose things in there (like my parents did one year.  We found that bible 3 years later).

Here are my favorite places to hide gifts from my son and husband.  Do you have the 'perfect' place?

For My Husband

  • BEST place is my son's bathroom closet.  NO ONE wants to go into his bathroom.  EVER.
  • The spare bedroom closet.  The only time I go in there is during the holidays.  I know no one else goes in there either.  Sometimes I go into the room because I pay mortgage and since I'm paying for it . . . maybe I should visit the room.  Hmmmm

For My Son

  • Dillon helps with laundry in our house.  He lugs the clothes up and down the stairs so closets are out.  However, he doesn't put anything away that doesn't hang up, so the perfect place for smaller items is:  The Underwear Drawer.  No kid wants to touch his parents undies.  That is where all his stocking stuff lives
  • The cleaning closet.  He's 12.  Yes, he avoids cleaning products at all cost
  • The tool section of the garage is a great place for bigger stuff.  He knows not to touch his dad's tools upon pain of death and probable dismemberment.

Yes, you could go traditional and hide everything in your office, but that means you have to lug it all over the place.  Hiding presents is half the fun.  The other half, of course, is giving them!