This is the perfect time of year to think about anything that involves a beach, and there’s almost nothing more beautiful to do on a beach than get married. But where in the world are the best places for that dream beach wedding?

The great thing about picking the best location for a beach wedding is that there are beaches all over the world. This list of the seven best from the sandy souls at Beach Tomato has something for everyone.

There are secluded spots like Tangalla Bay Beach in Sri Lanka, that you must get to by elephant, as well as Marina Piccola Beach in Capri, Italy, which is small and secluded in flower covered cliffs.

However, if your desire is to stay close to the States, you’re in luck because Georgia’s Cumberland Island in St. Mary’s made the list. You can choose the romantic southern charm there, or go a little more rugged on Combers Beach on Vancouver Island in Canada. Either way, you won’t have to cross an ocean to get there.

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