Every year, music retailers around the world celebrate Record Store Day with releases by artists both famous and not, that are available only at brick and mortar shops. This year, shops featured a surprise release from the original line-up of the legendary Pink Floyd.

Now comes word that Pink Floyd’s under-the-radar Record Store Day EP, 1965 - The First Recordings will receive a wider release in 2016.

The six-track title was quietly launched, containing material recorded before the band adopted its now famous moniker. It’s been speculated that the recordings, which include origianal guitarist Bob Klose, were releaseed in order to protect their copyright, which was about to expire in some parts of the world.

Photo by Keystone Features/Getty Images

1965 – Their First Recordings includes four Syd Barrett compositions: "Remember Me", "Lucy Leave", "Double O Bo" and "Butterfly", plus the Roger Waters’ penned "Walk With Me Sydney". Also on the EP is a cover of Slim Harpo’s "I’m A King Bee".

The Records Store Day was originally limited to 1000 copies, with a cover design by Hipgnosis. The original re-release wasn’t available in the UK.

Pink Floyd released a statement on the band's website: “To mark 50 years since the tracks were recorded, Pink Floyd released a set of two seven-inch singles containing their first recordings. We hope to make them available in some physical form towards the end of next year.”