Time to invest in some simple white t-shirts, guys.

That's right, the simplest piece of clothing you own is also the one that makes you the best looking.

A study out of England found when men wear a plain white t-shirt, women instantly rate them 12% more attractive than when they're wearing anything else.

And the more out-of-shape you are, the better the results. If you're in good shape already, the white t-shirt will only help a little, but if you're not, the white t-shirt is going to work like magic!

Apparently a plain white t-shirt makes men look like they have broader shoulders and smaller waists.

The study also found the least attractive thing you can wear is something that draws attention to your stomach - even if you're in good shape.

When men wore a t-shirt with a capital letter "T" on it, women found them attractive. But when that "T" was flipped upside-down - so the long part was across the stomach and not the chest - women found the guys much less attractive.

But be warned fellas, that level of attraction seriously diminishes if your white shirt is covered with pizza sauce.