Two bombs were detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday afternoon. Three people were killed and 176 were injured. Investigators in Boston are saying the bombs were made using pressure cookers, filled with nails and ball bearings. And the explosive was ordinary gunpowder, that you can buy from sporting goods stores.

We've also learned some more sad details about the three people killed in the bombing.

Krystle Campbell

29-year-old Krystle Campbell of Arlington, Massachusetts was at the marathon cheering on a friend.  Her parents were initially told that she survived.  But when they got to the hospital, they found out she hadn't.

Eight-year-old Martin Richard of Dorchester, Massachusetts was at the race with his mom and his six-year-old sister, cheering on his dad, Bill.  Martin was killed in the blast, his sister lost her leg, and his mother Denise required brain surgery.  Both of them are still hospitalized.

The third victim's name hasn't been released, but he was a graduate student from China who was studying at Boston University, and watching the marathon with a few friends.  One of the friends is still in the hospital, in stable condition.

Martin Richard

President Obama spoke again about the Boston bombing yesterday.  It was the first time he called the attack an act of terrorism. He said his first thoughts were with the victims. And they still don't know whether it was done by a terrorist group, or by a single person.

Too often we remember the criminal more than we do the victims. Leave your condolences in the comments section below and let's remember the good people that lost their lives or were injured in the Boston Marathon bombing.