Every year around this time I start thinking about buying a kayak to do a little fishing in... and every year, I talk myself out of it.

My excuse used to be that Oklahoma had ridiculous title and licensing requirements on kayaks and canoes, set forth and passed by idiotic state politicians... but those requirements only lasted a few years, and have since been repealed.

So my other excuse was 'there's really nowhere to go kayak fishing in SWOK'... and leave it to the web to prove that statement wrong. There are a ton of places to fish from small vessels in Oklahoma, SWOK included. Just about any body of water. Plus, with such a shallow draft, you can get deep into the wild waters where most fisherman can't.

All the same, I have a new excuse for not buying a kayak this year... I stumbled across a very unique watercraft that I've just about decided to hold out for. It's called a Gheenoe, and it's just about the fiercest thing you could launch at the local boat ramp. Super shallow draft, very stable, part kayak, part canoe, completely awesome.