When I was young (don't you love when a story starts that way), prom was pretty simple. Girls would buy a dress and guys would rent a tux. The guy would pick the girl up at her front door in either his beat up old pickup or maybe Dad let them borrow the car for the night. They'd dance, drink punch, kiss goodnight and go home. These days, though, schools are cracking down on all sorts of stuff, including sexy prom dresses!

Elizabeth Holmes from the Wall Street Journal explains on Lunch Break.

Typical problems include gowns that are too short, have low backs, plunging neck lines or have slits that show the thigh.

Of course, one would understand and expect there to be some sort of guidelines when it comes to standards of dress. On the other hand, it's easy to see why they push the limits. They are, after all, teenagers and isn't that their job?

I checked with some of the surrounding schools and here are their dates for prom:

  • Geronimo High School - April 7th
  • Cache High School - April 14th
  • Duncan High School - April 14th
  • Eisenhower High School - April 20th
  • Lawton High School - April 21st
  • Elgin High School - April 21st
  • MacArthur High School - April 28th
  • Indiahoma High School - May 11th

We were discussing our prom dates and dresses this morning in our conference room. (We have some of the strangest conversations in our conference room.) We want to see your prom pictures. We all need to laugh once in awhile. I'll find mine and post it if you'll send us one of yours.