Most of your coworkers have some kind of moral and ethical code that keeps them honest at work and sleeping well at night.  Most of them. Not all of them. Check out some results from a new survey on workplace ethics. Two-thirds of people say they'd admit it if they made a major mistake at work that cost the company time or money. But 32% would stay quiet and hope no one noticed and 1% would blame someone else.

If a coworker made a major mistake at work, 5% of people would report them to the boss to get the problem fixed and 2% would report them to the boss to try to make themselves look good in comparison.

82% of people say the most expensive things they've stolen from work are office supplies. But 3% have stolen money.  2% have stolen computers. 2% have stolen furniture. 29% of people look at their coworkers' computer monitors over their shoulder. 14% have gone through a coworker's desk.

And finally, if you were offered a big promotion with a big raise, but it would cost a few coworkers their jobs, would you take it? 57% say -  yep.

Have you been involved in any of the above office actions? Do you or did you feel guilty about it?