Randy “Macho Man” Savage was killed this morning after losing control of his jeep on a Tampa highway. He was one of the most popular wrestlers of the WWF heyday on the 1980s. From epic battles with Hulk Hogan to great off the cuff interviews, he was truly a top entertainer in the world of sports entertainment. Here are a few of my favorite matches and things the Macho Man did during his long and milestone filled career.

We will start where it all started back in 1985. It was a warm July night when the world was first exposed to Randy Mach Man Savage. In the Purple sparkle suit thing and billed as the “Mouth of the South” and “Wrestling’s Number One Free Agent” and the announcers joke his ring attire was more expensive then his wrestling training. His persona was rusty and need some work, you could barely understand what he was yelling about you just knew he was yelling.

That didn’t matter - love him or hate him the fans that night had an opinion about the flamboyant giant. He quickly became the WWF’s most popular heels even though his long career had just started

He eventually got his wish in, a matter of months to fight the reigning WWF champion Hulk Hogan. The fight took place in greatest arena in wrestling history, Madison Square Garden. The crowd was behind the most popular wrestler of all time. This was a one fall contest the headline event in the short career of a young Randy savage. The fight started out in favor of the Champion Hulk Hogan with Savage playing the Heel to a T, at one point even using Miss Elizabeth as a human shield. This fight turned in favor of Randy after the Champion Hulk was knocked for a loop outside of the ring and Randy won the match on a count out - but the title could not change hands on a count out.

After a long feud Hulk and Macho Man become allies going into Wrestle Mania IV were a tournament was to be held for the rights to the vacated WWF Heavy Weight Championship. Savage made it to the finals and had to wrestle Ted “The Million Dollar Man” DiBiase. DiBiase had the match won after getting Savage into a sleeper hold late in the contest, it was at this point were the classic bait and switch happened. After a commotion outside the ring distracted the referee Hulk Hogan hit DiBiase in the back of head with a chair rendering him unconscious. After that underhanded action Savage did his patented top rope elbow smash, and winning by pin fall.

Years after his career Started Randy was still a pop culture icon in and out side the ring. Playing a cameo role as Bone Saw in Spider Man (2002), with Bruce Campbell as his manager Bone Saw called out any person in the arena to take on him in a match. And it was at that moment the world was first introduced to Spider man (that version of Spiderman.)

He was also dug out a spot for himself in pop culture as the massively successful face of “Slim Jims”. The Snap into a Slim Jim Oh YEAH, is a catch phrase still used by me and my friends till this very day.

Whether he was fighting some of the biggest personalities in the sport or grabbing your attention for one of his off the wall back stage speeches. Randy Macho Man Savage was amongst the greatest of all time. I leave with a moment of sound, the sound of Randy’s entrance to the ring. Randy wouldn’t be a fan of a moment of silence.