Sorry, Yes fans hoping to get their fix via the band's upcoming televised live event, scheduled for March 5. It isn't going to happen. Not for awhile, anyway.

The band issued a press release announcing the cancellation, citing "personal matters" as the reason for the change in plans. However, if you have tickets to the concert that was due to be aired that night, don't worry. Although it won't be televised, the show is still happening. "The band appreciates all of their fans' support and understanding," assured Yes members in the announcement, adding that they "hope to reschedule the television event for a later date."

As we previously reported, Yes is hitting the road this year with a tour that adds a bit of a twist to their usual set list. Instead of performing songs from throughout their long career, they're playing 1971’s 'The Yes Album,' 1972’s 'Close to the Edge,' and 1977’s 'Going for the One' in their entirety.

It's something new for Yes (even if the songs are anything but), although exiled former vocalist Jon Anderson swears he thought of it first -- and the rest of the band wanted nothing to do with it. "I put forward that idea about 10 years ago, that we should do something very special,” Anderson recalled during a recent interview with Something Else!. “I wanted to call it The Yes Festival. We would stay in one area, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday we’d play an album or two per night. We’d play over a period of time, and invite people to come -- sort of like a Yes camp. I’d do the barbeque! They thought I was out of my brain."