It's only November 20th, but we're about to give you the best Christmas present you'll get this year: You don't have to call your relatives on Christmas, and spend three hours having the same conversation five times over. 

According to a new survey, 45% of people say they don't want to talk on the phone on Christmas anymore, they just want a text. But is that proper?  46% of people say they still want a phone call, so it's basically a 50-50 shot whether each relative will be fine with just a text or not. But aren't you willing to play those odds? I am a betting man that thinks the older generation will will want the talking time.

People who do talk on the phone during the holidays spend a lot of time on the phone. 42% of people say they'll spend more than 11 hours on calls with relatives. 22% say it'll be at least 21 hours. Hey folks, there is only 24 hours on Christmas.

Also a small amount of men and women alike are still planning on mailing out Christmas cards, or the dreaded family update newsletter.

Where do you sit on this issue? Call or text?

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