You Know You're From Lawton when...

every time someone breaks ground for a new business everyone says "That's going to be the new Target!"

loud gun fire, cannons, tanks and helicopters are shaking the house and it's not only ignored it's normal.

you measure distance in minutes not miles.

you strategically throw trash out the truck window so that it lands in the bed of the truck!

when you are asked for money BEFORE you get into Wal-Mart.

you say you're "going to the city" and everyone knows you mean Oklahoma City.

when giving directions to Mike's Sports Grill you say "it's where Old Mad Dog was!"

you remember where Doe Doe Park was.

when you hear "thunder" and there is not a could in the sky and you don't think it's odd.

you or someone you know was born, raised and still lives here.

a tornado siren is your signal to go out in the yard and look for a funnel (or large hail).

a bad traffic jam involves a four way stop, 4 cars and everyone waiving each other through.

it doesn't seem peculiar if your spouse says "I'm going to town for something" even though you live in town.