Well, now we know where Richard Simmons is.

The fitness icon, who has disappeared from public life in recent years, checked into a California hospital on Monday for what his rep calls "severe indigestion."

Simmons, 68, has become such a reclusive figure that a podcast, Missing Richard Simmons, dedicated to his whereabouts was launched. It's been so successful that there's talk of turning it into a TV show.

So, while America continues to scratch its collective head (and burn calories) wondering what exactly is going on with Simmons, why not take a break from the sleuthing and enjoy these clips that remind us why we all fell in love with him in the first place?

For those of us who remember how charming and kooky he could be, these serve as a reminder that he could be just that, while the younger generation can get a glimpse into the zany personality that won over so many people over the years.

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