When it comes to living in Lawton and the surrounding areas, the linguistics get a little jumbled. Probably because Lawton and the surrounding towns are built by so much military diversity.

  • Alexander Milanese
    Alexander Milanese

    44, 62, 7, 49, 58, 115

    In most places you live, when you ask how to get somewhere, they will generally answer with a generic term... ei - Head East on the highway. Take the turnpike. etc... But here in Lawton, when you ask anyone directions, they'll lay down the specifics like Google Maps... "It's way out on Highway 7." "OKC's about an hour up 44."

  • nito100

    OKC's About An Hour Up 44

    Since we're already on the subject, here's one that takes a little getting used to when you first get here. Nobody measures distance in miles... Everybody measures distance in time. It's twenty minutes this way, half an hour that way, etc... It's ironic that we fight the metric system with such fervor since we don't really use the imperial distance standards either.

  • Aksakalko

    Gimme a Kerr's

    You might have to chalk this one up to the rural nature of those who think it's a "country" beer, but raise your hand if you've ever heard someone order a "Kerr's Light" when talking about the Silver Bullet... Then again, most southern accents have a little trouble with their "o" words. What you may call oil, others call ole. You came from a far, we came from a fire. Granted, it's a regional thing that gets worse the further South you go, but it can be questionable when hearing it for the first time.

  • Joe Belanger
    Joe Belanger

    Buffalo Wings

    Hear me out, because you've probably never noticed this one before. In all the places I've ever lived, I've never heard people call them "Buffalo Wings" outside of Lawton. From Florida to Texas, Colorado to California, it's always been just "wings." Everybody knows what you're talking about. But more and more, especially at the wing joint, I hear so many people ordering "Buffalo Wings." It always struck me as weird... Like, what other wings are on any other menu?

  • Kelso


    Most of the time, when you talk to people from SWOK in other parts of the state, they'll tell you that they're from Southwest Oklahoma. That's not the case if you're from Lawton. People will look you dead in the eye and say "I'm from Lawton." expecting you to know where it is geographically. In fact, when I was going through the interview stage of coming to work here, I remember thinking it was strange that the former boss, when I asked where Lawton was, she just said "It's the third largest town in Oklahoma."

    Before you roll your eyes, keep in mind, this was in a time before Google Maps. You couldn't just load up where stuff was just yet. There was Google Earth, but it was a separate program you had to download and install to run, and I didn't own a computer at the time. So the next time someone asks you where you live, tell them, but also include the SWOK part. Otherwise, they'll have to confusingly google it themselves.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    The Green Mile

    I'm not sure if you've heard the term used yet, but Cache Road is now called The Green Mile. In what has to be some sort of record for pot shops per capita, Cache Road seemingly has at least one weed shop on every block between Fort Sill Blvd and 67th Street, hence the amazing and hilarious phrase.

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