"I'm no Adele Dazeem," joked 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' star Andrew Garfield as Jimmy Fallon handed him a guitar on 'The Tonight Show.'

At this point, celebs should know that if they don't want to showcase their hidden talents on late-night TV, they shouldn't bring them up around eccentric hosts. While Garfield seemed a little hesitant to "let it go," as they say, given that this was to be his first time singing in public, he eventually gave in and gave a folksy, Brooklyn-hipster-bar rendition of the 'Spider-Man' theme song ... before racing around the 'Tonight Show' studio on a pocket bike.

The great thing about Jimmy Fallon is that he makes the most of the talent coming in and out of his studio. Not only do we get the nitty-gritty interviews, he gets them to step outside their comfort zones, like with mind-blowing lip sync performances and wine-with-ice pong.

So, after Garfield serenaded his audience with the 'Spider-Man' theme (which is also Peter Parker's ringtone in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'), him and Fallon mounted mini-bikes and raced around the 'Tonight Show' studio. Who won? Watch below.