Britney Spears has not been shying away from expressing herself on social media since the end of her conservatorship.

In November 2021, the "Toxic" singer was freed from the shackles of her 13-year-long conservatorship at the hands of her dad Jamie Spears.

Since the moment that shook the pop culture world last year, Britney has used social media, mainly Instagram, to air her feelings, reclaim her self-expression (and bodily autonomy) and prove why she is an unstoppable force in the world — one photo at a time.

On Sunday (Jan. 9), Britney declared it was "booty time" by sharing a series of snaps of herself showing off her famous backside while wearing a cute red thong — and literally nothing else.

The Grammy winner posted three different pics of her in the thong, followed by a cryptic image of white gloves with a red rose.

A few days prior, the 40-year-old performer shared a nude photo via Instagram, with emojis covering up NSFW areas. "Free woman energy has never felt better," she captioned the selfie.

For a woman whose physical appearance and sense of physical autonomy has for so long been mandated by unrelenting media scrutiny and the tight confines of her previous conservatorship, respectively, Britney's intimate Instagram posts are undoubtedly an exercise in self-love and self-reclamation.

Just days earlier, the pop icon shared an emotional video and series of Notes App messages about an exhilarating experience she recently had at a nice restaurant, marking her first fine dining outing in a long time.

"I didn’t have any expectations at all because I haven’t been out in a while,"  Britney wrote, sharing that she even drank her first glass of red wine in 13 years.

"I felt more sexy in that restaurant than I ever have in my entire life," she added, admitting that she even cried at one point.

On Nov. 12, 2021, Britney shared her excitement about the conservatorship being terminated by posting a selfie, captioning the pic, "She's freeeeeeeee......."

Her stans gushed over the announcement as well.

"You are perfect. You are free. You are loved," one user wrote, while another commented: "Ur the BOSS NOW. So happy for u."

The next month, Britney opened up about her family struggles and how she feels about putting out new music at this point in her life.

"People have no idea the awful things that were done to me personally," she wrote in a statement via the 'Gram on Dec. 27. "And after what I've been through, I'm scared of people and the business!!!! They really hurt me!!!!!!

"Not doing my music anymore is my way of saying 'F--- You' in a sense when it only actually benefits my family by ignoring my real work," she continued. "It's like I've subconsciously let them win."

Through the ups and downs of her life, however, one thing has remained constant: Britney isn't afraid to dance! On social media, the Princess of Pop continues to share many videos of her letting loose and just having fun — yet another reminder that no matter who says or tries otherwise, Britney Spears isn't going to stop being Britney Spears anytime soon.

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