Cheesy pickup lines get a bad rap, but can be pretty effective if executed correctly. Us girls like to know that you're not taking yourself too seriously, and we also like seeing confidence. Since the pickup line most times requires a cold approach, it's brave; we give you major points for it. Well, as long as it's not too cheesy or seriously sleazy.

Here are 10 cheesy pickup lines that might actually work. Trust me, I'm a girl, and most of these have worked on me.

  • "Do you have a pen? Good, write down my phone number."

    Why it might work: It's charmingly sly and understated; magicians (sorry, "illusionists") use slight of hand to distract you from what they're doing, and this is pretty similar. A girl pulls a pen out of her purse at your request, and suddenly she's got no reason to not take your number, and she realizes that and sees that you're clever. We like clever. Also, it's way classier to give a stranger your number rather than ask her, because you're putting the next move in her hands.

    Cheesy Pickup Line Success Rating: 8 -- Clever and direct is a winning combo.

  • "Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?"

    Why it might work: Because we get two other wishes, and we love getting things.

    Cheesy Pickup Line Success Rating: 6 -- Personally, I would think this was really funny, but not everyone loves cocky men as much as I do.

  • "Hey baby, what's your sign?"

    Why it might work: It's the oldest one in the book, and a nod to the pickup artists who came before you. Women like it when you respect your elders and honor tradition, I guess? I don't know, all I'm saying is this has worked on me before.

    Cheesy Pickup Line Success Rating: 5 -- Not everyone is into retro style.

  • "I would say bless you, but it looks like God already did."

    Why it might work: Only after a sneeze, or else this is really creepy, but this one shows that you can think on your feet. A sneeze is a one-second window of opportunity for talking to someone you don't know, and if you can grab ahold of it, we'll be impressed. Plus, if it's a loud, squeaky sneeze, we're probably embarrassed and you're catching us at a vulnerable moment and complimenting us. We like that.

    Cheesy Pickup Line Success Rating: 4 -- Mentioning God in your first sentence is always a risk.

  • "What's a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like this?"

    Why it might work: You're surprising us; we think you're going to say "a place like this," which is very lame. This is only really going to work if our goal is to get laid tonight, though, because it's pretty direct. Note: If you have spikey hair like this dude, the odds are much worse.

    Cheesy Pickup Line Success Rating With Normal Hair : 6

    With Spikey Hair: -14


  • "Do you wanna tell me your name, or am I going to have to get on Craigslist later and post a missed connection?"

    Why this might work:  This one has worked on me -- it shows that you have follow through and guts. It's almost better if she turns you down and tells you you'll have to post the MC; she's definitely going to check, if she smiles at you while she says it.

    Cheesy Pickup Line Success Rating: 8 -- This one is pretty solid.

  • "I just had to fight for you to stay, because you are making all the other women look bad. The least you can do is tell me your name."

    Why this might work: We know it's BS, but it shows us you would stand up for us, or at least that you understand that we think that's a romantic thing to do. Also, most times women in public spend far too much time comparing ourselves to the other women around, so this makes us feel good.

    Cheesy Pickup Line Success Rating: 8 -- Even fictional chivalry makes us swoon.

  • "Have we met?"

    Why it might work: Another classic -- we're pretty sure you're lying, but in our head there's a small chance that you noticed us and we didn't notice you. That makes us feel special.

    Cheesy Pickup Line Success Rating: 7 -- This is pretty effective if you're the first guy of the night to do it. Start early.

  • "Hey, I heard you were looking for me?"

    Why it might work: Execution is key here; this can either be creepy or charming. It's charming because we know it's not true, and we know you know that. This line effectively says, "Hi, I wanted an excuse to talk to you, and I'm fine with you knowing that." Actually, you might just say that, instead.

    Cheesy Pickup Line Success Rating: 6 -- This borders on too cheesy, but it's charming. Stay away from girls who already look annoyed, but you should do that in general, anyway. Haven't you learned that by now?

  • "Hi, you are really pretty."

    Why this might work: This just plain works, if she's going to be interested in you at all. You're showing all of your cards and complimenting us. Pretty is also the perfect word to use; if you say "beautiful," we think you're exaggerating, and if you say "sexy," you're telling us you just want to take us home. Pretty is a great balance, say it with a lot of eye contact, and you're golden. Bonus points if you can make yourself blush.

    Cheesy Pickup Line Success Rating: 10 -- Man up, this is the way to go.