Running the first TV commercial after the Super Bowl is 30% or $1.5 million cheaper than buying one during the big game, according to Esurance. So the auto-insurer is giving that sum away to one random person who uses its #EsuranceSave30 hashtag on Twitter. Actor John Krasinski, who’s done voiceovers for Esurance commercials since 2011, appeared for the first time in one of the company’s ads Sunday night to announce the sweepstakes. The pitch is that Esurance literally passes savings on to its customers, whether it’s through a contest or its auto insurance.

Anyone who uses the hashtag before 4 AM Tuesday will be entered, regardless of what they actually say in the tweet. Every tweet counts as a separate submission, and there isn’t a cap for how many times a person can enter, but they have to have a public account.

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Here's the ad: